Prostitution Solutions

Topics: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Rape Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Solutions to Prostitution
Prohibition or fully illegal – Prostitution is forbidden, all acts relating to prostitution and people caught doing them will be punished. This includes "solicitation", which is when someone offers or advertises sex for money, or when a person offers someone money in exchange for sex. Decriminalization – Prostitution itself is not illegal, but some of the acts relating to it may be. For example, standing on the street offering sex for sale might not be legal. Or asking someone to have sex with you may be illegal. Almost always, trying to get someone to become a prostitute when they don't want to is still illegal. Abolition – This is not a type of law itself, but it might be a reason behind the laws in some places, usually similar to decriminalization. The long-term goal of "abolition" is to "abolish" prostitution, meaning to try to get it to stop completely. In this approach, the prostitutes themselves are seen as victims, and are not usually punished. Acts connected with prostitution (running a brothel, etc.) are punished. Often people requesting the services of a prostitute are punished as well. Regulation – Prostitution is legal, but the state regulates it. This may be because it is seen as acceptable between adults who say they are okay with it, because it is seen as necessary or because the law-makers accept that it is not going to stop even if it is illegal and a better idea is to make it safer for everyone. Running a brothel requires a license and prostitutes need to register and undergo regular health checks. Prostitutes and brothel-owners pay taxes like other workers and businesses. Suggestions according to Alexandra Kollontai

“We must therefore not only confront the problem of prostitution but seek a solution that is in line with our basic principles and the programme of social and economic change adhered to by the party of the communists. We must, above all, clearly define what prostitution is. Prostitution is a phenomenon...
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