Reasons and Causes for Texting and Driving

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Stop Texting While Driving
I. Reasons for texting and driving
a. Dangerous
i. They’ve conducted tests using driver’s texting, drivers under the influence of alcohol, and drivers under the influence of marijuana. It has been proven that texting is more dangerous than being under the influence. b. Distraction

i. Statistics from the study show that drivers, between the age of 17 and 24, reduce their reaction time by 35% while texting. As a driver under the influence of marijuana, reduces their reaction time by 21% and drivers while intoxicated, only 12%. II. Dangers of texting and driving

a. Risking one life
i. A distracted driver is more likely to cause an accident 2.8 times as much as a non- distracted driver. b. Risking others’ lives
i. Taking your eyes off of the road, therefore, you are not focused on the road. When you are not completely focused on driving you are more likely to swerve into another lane. c. Taking mind off driving

i. Your hands off of the wheel
ii. you are not in control of your car and, again, can swerve and crash. Having your phone out in the car creates a distraction and puts you are at serious risk of death or an injury from a crash. III. Ways for preventing texting and driving

a. Turning off phone
b. Putting phone out of reach
c. Planning ahead
Texting and driving has caused many accidents and also deaths to millions of people. Texting and driving is dangerous to everyone on the road and that is why there should be a nation-wide cell phone ban passed to reduce this number. I hope you will consider this information. All I want you to remember after this speech is that no text message is worth risking your life.
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