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Referral Assignment of Organizations in Context

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Improvement on “the market gap”3
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As a referral based assignment, this report aims to carry out the weaknesses of previously failed assignment, and then made modifications and improvements based on the failed assignment. The previously failed assignment focused on the health products for elderly market of the UK. The findings of previously failed assignment indicated that many foods produced by manufacturers of the UK were not meeting the principles of healthy concerns, and not suitable for aged people due to the high fat, high sugar, high calorie and other components. However, ageing problem becomes as one of the most serious problem in the UK. The ageing market of the UK becomes more and more lager from 1984 to 2009, and predication did by the UK government even indicated that the size of elderly market will keep grow until 2034. Because of this, as most food manufacturers of the UK are now producing products with high fat, high sugar and other components that not good for old people’s health, therefore they are easy to lose their competitive advantages if the elderly market still going large. As a result, innovation on products is necessary and emergent.

(Figure 1: the size of elderly marketing of the UK)
However, the purpose of this report is not to rework the previously failed assignment, but to find out weaknesses of previously failed assignment and then to make improvement in this assignment. As the previously failed assignment is organized into three parts, including sub-heading of market gap, solutions (product, advertising), and conclusion, therefore, this referral report is made improvements in accordance with these sub-headings.

Improvement on “the market gap”
In previously failed assignment, the purpose to illustrate market gap is to explain that in the UK market, there is no type of product specifically offered for elderly group of customers. In order to support this argument, the author pointed out findings from Sarah (2011)’s research, which indicated that there are 2.5million have been diagnosed with diabetes due to the high fat and high sugar in foods. In addition, most of them are old than 40, and especially people aged over 65. However, in this assignment, the author thought that findings from Sarah (2011)’s research are not compelling enough to describe the market gap between younger people and older people, even the point of view from Sarah (2011) indicated that some foods related to concern issues of elderly group of customers. There are some other materials need to be used to support the market gap. For example, report from (2012) also indicated that people need to eat foods with low sugars, calories and fat to ensure their health. Redman (2007) also agreed with this viewpoint, and expressed that fat and sugars are key elements of diabetes. These additional arguments from different researchers made the viewpoint more compelling when compared with the failed report (see page 2 of the failed report) Moreover, in the failed report (page 2), the author also mentioned confectionery, and then used Nestle as an example to deal with requirements of the assignment. However, the problem is the author only directly mentioned the impacts of components of confectioneries for elderly people, but not mentioned that Nestle has been selected as the case. It is easy to lead to misunderstandings for readers. Therefore, the author thought that it should be improved as in this report; the author selects Nestle as a case company, and then to draw the impacts of confectioneries for elderly group of customers.

In previously failed assignment, the solution section contains two...
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