Renaissance Theater

Topics: Renaissance, William Shakespeare, Italy Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 12, 2013
English II
9 February 2013

Renaissance Theatre
Theatre starts back in 500B.C. in Ancient Greece. It is a type of entertainment that involves many different stories. From bible stories to the latest king or queen, many of their stories were reenacted. Around 1590 to the1600’s, England became very interested in their past. Renaissance theatre is an interesting topic because it relates to many different aspects to the past which make you learn even more. Playhouses played a major role in the renaissance era. In 1574 when Queen Elizabeth I was in charge, she made performances a regular weekday thing. Then in 1576, James Burbage built the first playhouse and named it Theatre. This inspired many young builders to build their own playhouses like the Rose, the Swan and the Globe. The Globe is famous for plays that were acted from William Shakespeare’s writings. A normal playhouse around this time had an enclosed circular shape which had two or three galleries that contained benches and stools. People who were watching had to stand up in an unroofed space by the raised platform stage that flowed into the middle of the whole theatre (Britannica 1). The structure resembled a coliseum which came from Ancient Greece but it was improved with construction. Also on the inside, the second floor was for the actors and musicians gallery or workspace. Below this was a wall with curtained doors. Although the scenery was lacking, the acting and the playwright’s words stood out far more. The costumes in renaissance theatres came from so many places. Designers in the renaissance era found a lot of inspiration from the myths and legends of Greece and Rome (stagecraft Britannica 1). From the early 14th century, many actors were allowed to perform at events such as weddings, royal entries and other fancy events that surrounded the royal courts. At such events the actors would have to wear costumes that they used in their plays but upgraded a bit....
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