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Title: “PATIENT ADVOCACY: KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICE AMONG NURSES OF ROXAS CITY” Patient advocacy is an integral role of nursing pledged by the ICN “to ensure that patient’s rights to life and choice shall be protected at all times.” However, studies reported that nurses are not advocating for patients, those who do so encounter personal and professional risks. This descriptive-correlational study conducted among 186 staff nurses at Roxas City, Capiz (by stratified random sampling) determined whether their patient advocacy practice and whether their advocacy is influenced by knowledge about the role or their personal characteristics. Hall’s Core, Care and Cure Theory supported the study framework. A self-administered questionnaire served as instrument. The nurses are mostly young, single females, of middle income group with 1 to 5 years tenure. Most of them haven’t attended any continuing education seminar for the past 2 years. The nurses have average level of knowledge about patient advocacy with the younger (21 – 23 y.o.) ones more knowledgeable than the older ones. Apparently, young nurses still have fresh grasp of advocacy concepts from school. However, they have high extent of patient advocacy practice especially the unmarried ones. Obviously, their knowledge did not influence their patient advocacy. It could be that advocacy posed much professional risk which the married nurses did not wish to take. Tenure did not influence their knowledge or practice. Evidently, these nurses, regardless of tenure, are more focused on performing their task and giving utmost care to patients without much thought about the theoretical basis of their actions. The PNA and NSO should empower nurses through patient advocacy seminars. The BON, thru nursing education, should emphasize patient advocacy among the empowering competency. ANG NARS Party-list could do much by promulgating laws that will protect patient advocate nurses. More in-depth...
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