Retirement Migration

Topics: Retirement, Aging, Ageing Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Examine the impact of UK retirement migration to the Mediterranean on source and host regions. (15m) Jan 2010
The ageing population from the UK are migrating in considerable numbers to the Mediterranean. An example of this is Spain; this has both positive and negative impacts on the source and host nations. The source nation is the place from which migrants came, and the host nation is the place where the migrants are accepted into. There are a number of positives for the source country. There is less of a burden on the countries services, for example health care and housing. With the ageing population migrating of the UK migrating to the Mediterranean, this means less money is required to spend on the elderly by the government, and consequently means tax payers money will be concentrate on things that will directly affect them e.g. schools and the NHS. This also means that there is less pressure on the economically active as there is less urgency for them to provide for the dependant thus reducing the dependency the dependency ratio in the UK. One positive is there is less of a burden on the countries services, examples of this being healthcare and housing, with the ageing population moving to the Mediterranean this requires less money to be spent upon an elderly population which invariably need more healthcare treatment and this helps to reduce economic costs Socially however, the impact of outward UK retirement migration can have negative effects on the source country. An example of this may be older generations like the grandparents of a family moving away which in some cases can cause families to break and up and become dysfunctional and distant. The migration of retiree’s may also deprive parents of an advantage of free child care, which some families- especially single parent families depend on. This may then increase the amount of time economically active parents take off work to look after their children, thus reducing the amount of money earned, and...
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