Topics: Nuclear weapon, Robot, Ancient Greece Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Robots, society and the future...

The robots are comming, we are at the beginning of the age of the robots. So far the robots are only designed to do a simple task over and over again, but sooner or later they will be designed to do all kinds of things, which is good in many ways. They can do all the dangerous and millitary work. But more and better robots means less work for us humans, and we already lack work. Some people think it will make more work for us, but who knows? and are we ready to find out?

Robots have only been around for perhaps 50 years, but the idea is much older. The history of robots have it´s roots all the way back to the ancient greeks, and it became a reality when we got introduced to electricity, it made it possible to make small compact motors to power machines. The first use of robots was for industrial machines, with made it possible to produce stuff without people to assist them, and if there is something we humans like, it is to get results without moving a finger. The reason of using robots have various goals, for example, work that require precise movements, work that gets humans very bored when they have to do the same thing over and over again, dangerous work like military work or other dangerous work that could harm people or even just for entertaintment purposes. Using robots have a lot of advantages. The benefits of using robots is most noticeable in production, safety and helping us save both money and time. Robots produce higher quality work and we get more accurate outcomes then any human could ever do. Robots also make very few mistakes as every robot have one specific task. They can work day in and day out as they dont need any breaks or vacations. They save people from doing dangerous work, such as military work. In old wars everything had to be done manualy, and if you wanted to throw bombs in a war, you had to put your life on the line and get in a plane to throw them yourself. Now you can just...
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