Rocket Singh

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Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year

Harpreet Singh is a graduate who wanted to do wonders in sales. He always wanted to become salesman so joins AYS computers. When things were just going fine tables turn when Harpreet Singh doesn’t agree to give up on his ethics even by the orders of his boss to close a deal. He later starts his own business by using company resources and convinces his colleagues to join him. He achieves success on the basis of his ethics and his values. The few business lesson from this movie from a organizational behavior perspectives are : Take Risk:- Always be ready to take risk and guard your partners. Taking initiatives and playing with the risks is what makes the difference. Cultivate People And Build A Great Team :-  Organizations rarely cultivate people and just treat them as workers who fetch them orders. They forget that it is actually the people inside and not outside who decide their fate.  

HP realized this and took his associates as partners who were genuinely interested in serving.  
Thus, humans should not be just treated as Resources and Capital, rather as a team member.

Values And Ethics As Drivers :- Values and ethics form the base of HP’s business model. If organization encourages its sale and marketing teams to bribe the clients’ employees to take orders, it is in fact, plowing the seeds of dishonesty in its own organization.   

Values and ethics should be depicted in the organizational culture and in the behavior with the client. HP created a loyal, trustworthy and honest team which won the confidence of the client with its commitment and philosophy of free service.  

Thus, following values and ethics may get you more business.

Satisfaction  :- In the beginning, a business a small organization can do things better, faster and more creatively than the big competitors in the industry.  
Create Positive Work Environment :- Organizations should make work environment safe and...
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