Roman and Greek Cultures

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Unit 1 – Introduction to humanities – Greek and Roman Culture AIU Online – HUMA214
June 19, 2013

This is an informative and comparative essay that will analyze two cultures: Greece and Rome. It will describe the similarities and differences in both cultures in terms of art, government, history, social class, etc.

There are many ways that Greek and Roman cultures can be alike; depending on the early part or later part. Also there are many ways they can be very different; based on women’s position in society, government, art culture and geography. Even though traditions of culture were passed on from the Greeks to the Romans, the separate styles can be compared. At the time of the Hellenistic cities being conquered, the Romans obliged at the way the Greeks were doing things. The Romans seemed to take a special liking to the way the Greeks were living. This is how much of the culture of Greece became inherited by Rome. The following is an explanation of the similarities as well as differences between the two cultures; Greece and Rome. (Comparison between Ancient Greece and Rome, Nd). HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY

As the histories of both cultures began as city-states, Greece’s city-states were surrounded as well as separated from each other by mountains and an irregular coastline while Rome was in the center of the Po River, Sicily, mountains and the sea. This made Rome very vulnerable to invasions and migrations that had great influence of Roman culture in these early civilizations. Based on this geographical fact, Roman culture was influenced greatly; first by the Etruscans from north of Rome and then by the Greeks south of Rome. At the time of Roman independence, the civilization of Greece spread over the Mediterranean basin. The Greeks were strict about the city-states being separate and exclusive due their geographical locations. The polis in Greece did not allow a Greek empire to be built at the same time extending citizenship to the fullest stopped domination of one city-state over another; unlike Rome. (Comparison between Ancient Greece and Rome, Nd). In the early history of Greece, the Athenians tried to create a Greek empire overtaken by the Delian League, but this attempt failed with the Peloponnesian Wars. Rome was quite different. It took control over the Italian peninsula by force and then offered Roman citizenship to the defeated people. Soon after, identifying themselves as Roman people, the people of the Italian peninsula partook in the Punic Wars that soon began the building of the Roman Empire. Unlike Greece, the two main elements of the success of this was a military valor and skill and the skill at converting defeated people into empire allies. The building of the empire was not the initial intention, however, this bravery set Rome aside of their neighborly threats; Italian peninsula, Carthage, Macedonia, etc. While the Greek government was more of a democracy, Roman government was built by force; so much so that the Roman army became larger than its republic. The force that was responsible for the creation of the Roman Empire was the same force that was responsible for the deterioration of the empire; changed into an imperial government. The Greeks were not at all bothered by this until after the invasion of the Macedonians. (Comparison between Ancient Greece and Rome, Nd). Uniting the Greek city-states was not easy had to be done by force. Although this may seem unfair to the Greek, they would still end up the better culture due to its sophistication and advancement. The Romans were so overtaken and absorbed by how upscale and cultivated of wide experience the Greek culture was, it was finally decided that the conquerors had been defeated by the conquered. (Comparison between Ancient Greece and Rome, Nd). THE ROLE OF WOMEN

The role of women and their freedom in the ancient Greek society was the same to that of ancient Rome in the early civilizations. In ancient Greece, the women...

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