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The question at hand is “According to ancient Greek rulers, historians and philosophers, what role should education and property/wealth play in determining who should govern?” In order to answer this question you must look into the very core of Greek society. To learn about Greek society I have read readings from ancient Greek historians and philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Thucydides. Plato introduced Greece to the thought of Idealism and his take on what an ideal society looks like. Aristotle believed that the way a household is ran correlates to society as a whole. Greece believed in democracy, therefore a household should be run in accordance to idealistic, democratic views. The ruler of the house, the man, has more control than the women, the women more than the slaves, and the children have no control but are considered above slaves. Aristotle thinks a man’s wealth is not always considered by his property value but by his knowledge. He said “…it is clear then that in household management the people are of greater importance than the material property, and their quality of more account than that of goods that make up their wealth.”(Aristotle)

Greek philosophers believed that in order to become a ruler you must have standards throughout your life. Aristotle said “…for neither life itself nor the good life is possible without a certain minimum standard of wealth. Again, for any given craft the existence of the proper tools will be the essential for the performance of its task.” Aristotle is saying that any ruler must have grown up with standards. A child’s knowledge is only as good as who is raising the child, therefore a ruler must have grown up under people who have high standards of society living. This can point us in the direction of rulers handing the throne down to sons or other family members. It seems logical to think that a person that has grown up under the supervision of a ruler would carry the same...
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