Roman vs. Greek

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There are many differences between Rome and Greece cultures even though they were so similar. For example Roman and Greek both had their own armies but the only Polis that had there own professional army was Sparta, another example is how the Romans would banned together not just with the societies they conquered but with each other as well, Rome and Greece also had different types of government. These are only three out of many examples of some differences between Rome and Greece. Many people believe that all of Greece was united and had one large spectacular army but that’s not true. Greece and Rome both had armies of there own but the only Polis that used professional soldiers was Sparta. One of the reasons Rome was so powerful was because of their enormous terrifying army. There army was incredibly large and wore “cleats” for better traction but these cleats also made marching through cities loud and terrifying. Another difference could be something like where Athens built their power by sea trade and Rome built theirs by conquest(Gutman, 2012). The Athenians believe in wisdom and intelligence before war and anger so they would gain their power with trade instead of battle. In Rome if you were in the army that was your job where in most Greece city-states except Sparta the army consists of farmers, blacksmiths, and jobs like that. Most believe that during these times of war they weren't thought out well and weren't planned kind of like how you see in movies but this isn’t true. Sparta had more of a hold your position kind of tactic when fighting but the Romans had this battle formation that was a big block of soldiers that would rotate around putting some soldiers in the front for about 15 minutes but then moving them back to rest making their army unstoppable since they don’t tire. The reason that Rome was dependant on taking over other countries was because they had to take over other countries for resources since they don’t have get there own.


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