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Topics: Human trafficking, Learning, Smuggling Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Shuwen Zou
Dr. Meechai
EAP 110.02
May 2, 2013
Service Class Final Reflection Spring 2013
May is here, which means we are ever closer to the end of this semester. In this semester, our English Through Service class has become more interesting and significant. We help people in many practical ways, as the same time, I have learned more knowledge and become a global citizen.

Learning human trafficking is the most important part in this semester. We have watched many speeches from an organization, which called International Crisis Aid from Saint Louis. What ICA trying to do is to rescue those American girls who been trafficked? Also, ICA will provide house or education to those girls who have no place to go. We have learned a lot of information by communicating with ICA. There are different types of human trafficking in the world. Sex trafficking causes both mental and physical injure to the girls. What we can do is to know more about sex trafficking and learn how to stop sex trafficking. We made lots of bracelets and helped ICA to sell them, all the money we made is for helping victim girls. This may impressed me for a long time.

Besides giving help to trafficking victims, we also gave help to the people who are living in poor. We did service for the Blessing Basket Project. We went to the factory and classify the baskets for the project. It was really fun and significant for me.

I think service is very important for every person. Doing service makes me become a global citizen and know more issues in the world. I hope our service class will be the same as this semester.
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