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1.1 - Week One Case Assignment
Michael Sawyers
Webster University
MNGT 5590 of SU2015

1.1 - Week One Case Assignment

Read Case 2.1, "Organizational Culture Can Help Reduce Burnout in Hospitals", on Page 57 in Organizational Behavior and Management, and answer questions 1, 2, and 3.  Remember to answer the questions using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced in Organizational Behavior and Management and any additional readings.  You must also clearly explain your reasoning.

Question #1
Assume you are in charge of socializing the newly hired nurses at a local hospital. What steps would you take to ensure that they understand the hospital’s organizational culture? How would you help them understand how to manage stress on a daily basis so as to prevent burnout later in their careers? I currently work in a healthcare facility, in our state capital’s children’s hospital. I am somewhat familiar with the steps in socializing new employees there. The steps start in the initial hiring phase. Personnel or human resources hire nursing students from ones who have done clinical fellowships or internships there at our hospital. That way communication is already opened with the student nurses with our nursing and doctor staff. They already know what is expected and the student gets an early understanding of how the nursing staff already works. They are mentored by senior nurses that counsel the introductory nurses with ways of coping and dealing with stress. Through orientation the employees are given a number of ways to deal with issues as well as access to an employee assistance program. Prior to every shift they have huddles to talk and strategize, support and discuss issues. Every 90 days they are subjected to go through a reevaluation program to see how they are doing and coping. Question #2

Hospital environments are more stressful in nature than the work environments found I many other organizations. What are some of the unique challenges that hospitals face when attempting to create a supportive organizational culture that helps employees reduce and manage their stress levels? Hospitals do provide unique challenges. Major challenges that one will face in the hospital field is burnout, fatigue, reaching emotional limits, as well as very long work hours. In order to help manage and reduce stress levels it works best to provide an environment with open communication, staff support, trust and education. Continued training as well as counseling services and mentorship programs are extremely beneficial. Confidence building, extending studies and effective communications between all levels of staff, from lower level employees, middle level and upper levels. Service personnel as well as nurses, doctors and administration staff must coexist effectively to maintain a cohesive working environment and promotes a supportive organizational culture. Question #3

Think about your university or an organization for which you have worked. Using the intervention points in Exhibit 2.6, provide examples of how the university or organization attempted to create a certain type of organizational culture. Was it successful (or unsuccessful) in creating the desired culture? At my place of employment, for our security department, applicants are sorted for those individual applicants experience, training, and background. We look for applicants with either a military or law enforcement background. This is preferable and in some cases mandatory for us to maintain our preferred organizational culture, which is security. This creates a group of individuals that make up a cohesive unit of detail oriented, highly trained and disciplined social culture for our specialized security officer units. Those who do not fit our standard are passed over, weeded out, or removed from service duty. Continued training and learned behavior routines and drills keep our officers in line with our...

References: Ivancevich, J.M., Konopaske, R., & Matteson, M.T. (2014). Organizational Behavior and Management. (10th ed.). New York, New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin.
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