Self Determination in the Elderly

Topics: Middle age, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 7 (2314 words) Published: September 26, 2008
Self-Determination in the Elderly 1

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of
Self-Determination in Elderly People

Maritta Valimaki, Helena Haapsaari, Jouko Katajisto and Ritta Suhonen

Research and Design
Professor Pollack
April 10, 2007

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Self-Determination in Elderly People: A Critique


Self-Determination in the Elderly 2
This research study shows different nursing students’ perceptions of variables that affect elderly patients’ self-determination before and after a clinical studies program. The researchers found that the studies program does in fact have an influence on the students’ perceptions.

This article was published on March 15, 2008 in the Journal of Nursing Ethics. The topic discussed is whether Nursing Student’s perceptions of the Elderly would change after being given an Ethics course. The article falls within the bounds of the journal as this is a publication centering on Nursing Ethics, which is clearly the subject of the periodical itself. No masthead description is attached to the article. STYLE

The manuscript does conform to APA style in its major aspects. Each page of the journal does contain a page header; however it alternates with the author’s name and the title of the publication. All information is cited correctly using footnotes. The structural differences in which the paper deviates from APA style is the lack of a Title Page, and variation in formatting. Instead of the four major sections being shown as Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and References, the paper is organized as a Research study in the format of Introduction, Background, Aims, research questions and hypothesis, Method, Analysis, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. INTRODUCTION

The beginning of this article concisely describes in two paragraphs the nature of the study. The introduction serves its purpose by highlighting the importance of patients’ self- determination as a crucial value to grasp in nursing. The first paragraph identifies the ever growing need of nurses who understand this value due to the boom in older patients. In the second paragraph, the author points out the problem which is the basis for the research study: that although the need for care is increasing, a less than favorable perception of working with these older patients exists with many nursing students, and practitioners. The writers further bring to light the need for action by defining this as an ethical problem. To solve the problem and conclude the introduction, the writers bring in this idea of a study geared to indentify the impact of ethics education on the topic of nursing students’ negative attitudes towards gerontology.

An explicit hypothesis is stated in the Method section 1. It reads “In this study, we set a hypothesis that the content in nursing studies would have a positive effect on nursing students’ perceptions of self determination in elderly patients in long term care settings.” The origin of this hypothesis has not been made explicit however has been linked to research evidence during previous studies on the same topic. For example “studies have also demonstrated that gerontological content can have a Self-determination in the elderly 3

positive effect on student nurses’ attitudes towards older patients.” The hypothesis was correctly derived from the theory cited. METHOD
The method is so described that a replication is not possible without further information. The setting is given as “the nursing ethics course offered at the nursing college during the time of data collection.” The exact location of the school or the name of the course is not given. If this information is granted however, it is likely that the study would be replicable. The instrument used was a modified self-administered questionnaire that the new...
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