Sermon of the Mount V Buddhism Doctrines

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Sermon of the Mount v Buddhism Doctrines

Buddhism arose in the eastern part of central Asia, the Tibet region, round the fifth century before the born of Christ. Its founder, Buddha, was an Indian native known by the name of Siddhartha Gautama. In search of spiritual discipline, he sought until he achieved what he believed some kind of enlightenment. After which he dedicated his life to pass his Bohdi, perfect knowledge, to others. Many centuries on, Buddhism is widely spread among the highly populated regions of the world, mainly in central and eastern parts of Asia where worshipers still apprehend his teachings.

Christianity arose right after the start of the AD, Anno Domini the year of the man, in the Middle East among the regions of Palestine, Israel, the Dead Sea and south of the Lebanon. Jesus Christ, the holy profit, passed on teachings to is disciples known as the twelve Apostles with which his life and death, and resurrection founded the faith of Christianity. Nearly twenty centuries on, Christianity spread all over the globe. In its many faces it became a predominant way of life in Europe, America (North, Central and Latin), Southern half of Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Buddhism, a polytheistic faith based on worshipping of 33 gods devas, revolves round the ‘The Four Holy Truths': suffering is universal; the cause of suffering in craving; suffering ceases with the end of craving nirvana; and the way to end craving is the Holy Eightfold Path. As for Christianity, a monotheistic faith based on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is taught in both the Old and New Testaments. The mechanisms of both faiths may disagree on many fronts, fundamentally and practically, exist in one and not the other, and overlap on a few aspects of virtue.

Buddhism and Christianity contradict on the number of gods to worship and the source from whom the religion is based on, an enlightened spiritual devotee or the Son of God. Buddhist believe in anatman, the...
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