Sex and prostitution among troops during the American Civil War

Topics: Rape, American Civil War, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Sex and prostitution among troops during the American Civil War
War produces unbelievable violence, it is seen as one of the world's worst inventions, it generates death , misery and injustice just for the sake of incomprehension between people. One side of wars are normally hidden from us, they are modified or simply not discussed about, but they are there. Sex is one of them, sex has been used for centuries by warriors and soldiers to impose power to the enemy by cowardly targeting the weakest rivals, woman. Rape and sexual assault during military armed conflicts are described as psychological warfare, thus harming and affecting the enemies emotions and feelings more than it's body. Now when carried out thoroughly and as a systematic practice, rape and sexual slavery are now recognized under the United Nations Geneva Convention as crimes against humanity and serious war crimes. During the American civil war, reports of rape and sexual misconduct among the troops has not been highly publicized and this is mostly because there has not been many cases of this issue, although a few have been noted. Most confederate records were destroyed after the war, providing an ever harder understanding of the facts but experts believe that during the war only thirty martial court trials were held because or rape. Mostly black woman suffered from sexual assault and black men, especially in the south were punished more severely than white men if they were found guilty of sexual misconduct. One of the main reasons why rape victims were not particularly high during the American civil war, was because prostitution among troops was fairly high. Mostly this was caused by a general depression throughout the United States, during the years of the conflict many woman who had no other way of maintaining themselves because their husbands were at war started to sell their bodies in exchange of money. Also some historians say that woman wanted...
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