Sex Ethics

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Ethics Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 27, 2013
In the Western culture we are a very sex negative society. For example looking at how kids are taught about sex its always a very negative way. Classes are typically oriented around avoiding sex (abstinence) and how it can be potentially harming to how people view them. The topics of masturbation, prostitution and pornography are very much frowned upon in the Western culture because live in such a sex negative secluded society. These things shouldn’t be looked on as unethical because it is every individual’s choice with their sexuality and how they want to perceive it as.

Masturbation is frowned upon by many religions and in many cultures as well. In the 1600’s it was illegal for men in China to masturbate because they were putting their potential offspring to waste. Reality is, it is not likely to find a person that does not masturbate. It’s a natural activity done by humans to reduce stress, help them go to sleep or just doing it for the sexual pleasure they got out of it. Sex is a natural act and need for people. It’s a drive and motive; it’s not something that should be looked at as unethical. People masturbate in the sense to help their state of mind. Not everyone will do it and might find it odd but its ethical value should stay that it’s okay to do.

Alongside the unethical issue of masturbation, prostitution is also a problem that many people have with individuals. The idea of selling a person’s body for money and sexual purposes comes off as a little off and not very ethical. Many people think in this perspective because they could not imagine living in someone’s shoes being a prostitute and selling their body’s to act of sex. Prostitution is a choice of one’s own and how they want to lead their lives. Whether it is ethical to most people, probably not. In my eyes I think it is ethical in a respect to if the man or woman is being safe about their acts and understands the consequences of what they are doing. Many people lead to prostitution because...
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