Sex Tourism

Topics: Prostitution, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 8 (3046 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Global Tourism
By Kate Okoro Q) Write an essay which will critically assess the current relationship of tourism with one of the following key global issues and indicate the implications of future trends: Sex Tourism

Introduction: Jafari (2003.p530) defines Sex tourism as:
“Holiday making where the primary motive is to is to experience relatively short-term sexual encounters, it is linked to prostitution, here considered as a commercial and short-term transaction involving the explicit provision of sexual services in return for payment” This essay will critically assess the current relationship of Sex tourism within the Tourism industry. Providing a discussion into the growing phenomenon behind the controversial activity of engaging in legal or often illegal sexual activities. Sex tourism has become a provocative sector within the tourism industry causing debates amongst tourism industries because of its perverse nature. However it has also become a way to celebrate today’s liberal society towards sexuality. Workers within the sex industry are realising that there is a gap in the market where the term ‘sex sells’ is the main focus (Nayer 2010). People are becoming increasingly interested in experiencing the darker side of the industry however seedy it may be. Prostitution in Amsterdam’s ‘Red Light District’ for instance has become a part of its culture and main tourist attraction encouraging tourists from all over the world to visit the city, the city’s tourism industry is branded as a place full of sex and drugs which in fact is a key motivator for a large proportion of tourists especially for stag and hen parties because of the pre conceived image created by international marketers, advertising the city’s explicitly, promiscuity and incentive of fulfilling sexual desires (Yeoman 2012). Tourists enjoy getting involved in the act or simply see it as a way of feeding into their own curiosities about the sex industry. In the researcher’s opinion selling sex as part of a country’s culture is tasteless and discourages the natural heritage of a city turning prostitution into an act that is acceptable and viewed as an activity for entertainment purposes rather than something that demoralises woman and subjects them to violence.

This controversial industry has had to deal with an abundance of legal and ethical issues, although a large portion of the industry is illegal and active unbeknownst to its host community. The main issues with this industry are the exploitation and trafficking of woman together with the fear of child prostitution. Places like the Philippines and Thailand have gained a reputation for the illegal operation of prostitution and child prostitution none the less this has not stopped tourists from all over the world travelling to these destinations with sex as their sole motivation (Tepanon 2006). In the 1980s as prostitution grew worldwide travel agencies in Asia, Europe and the USA started to endorse sex tour packages stating on their advertisements “sex tours, real girls, real cheap” (sex tourism in Thailand). These types of holidays usually cater to groups of young males searching for cheap thrills from young pretty vulnerable woman. This statement shows that businesses are embracing this industry and it has turned into a profitable sector within the tourism industry with an increased amount of tourists interested in paying for these packaged deals. In the researchers opinion promoting this activity can have a negative impact on men’s views towards woman because the industry is encouraging prostitution as something that is entertaining and profitable rather than something that is immoral and degrading towards woman it’s almost hypocritical to wonder why there is so much child prostitution and trafficking happening today worldwide. The Sex industry is widely based within third world countries causing the spread of STDs and AIDS to become a growing...
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