Sex Tourism

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Final Essay Assignment

The difference between sex tourism and romance tourism is more than just a gender distinction. In your essay compare and contrast these forms of tourism while thinking about notions of:

1) 1st world – 3rd world relations
2) Sex versus love
3) The imagination of the ‘other’.
The instructions tell you that the assignment should be about tourISM not romantic relationships. It should be addressing the MACRO; power, culture, history of the INDUSTRY that takes into account 1st-3rd world relations, sex versus love as a marketing tool and the imagination of the 'other' as the 'orientalism' the West imagines.

Essay Pointers:
You will be the ones creating knowledge now. Organize your essay in a similar fashion as the articles you have read this semester so that your paper flows in a logical way. 1) State what you are interested in analyzing (the larger philosophical question). 2) Then present your themes one at a time and do the analysis of each before moving on to the next. There should be a logical flow to your work building to the logical conclusion that you are trying to proof. 3) This may take more than one sitting and one attempt so make sure you give yourself the time to do it properly. 4) Incorporate our concepts to help develop your analysis. (This is very different from shoving in ‘vocabulary’ words in sentences, btw).

Checklist for this essay:
1 - Read the question.
2 - Re-read the question.
3 - Write the essay citing and referencing according to a Style Guide of your choice but be consistent. 4 – All papers must be typed, double-spaced using 12 point font. 5 – Using spellcheck on the computer, write your essay then read to see if you are really answering the question asked. 6 – Read it aloud to yourself.

7 – Edit your work.
8 – Have someone else edit your work.
9 – Reread these instructions

Here are three quotes from the last article that should help to remind...
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