Sex Tourism

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Candace Primm
Dixon Edwards
October 26, 2010

Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is the act of tourists traveling to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes that are residents of the destination. A sex tourist is an adult that travels in order to have legal consensual sexual activities with another adult for gifts and most often money. By using existing tourism methods of travel these activities have become easily feasible for any individual looking to explore this sector of tourism. Creating a normal vacation with the intention of having sexual relations is a simple process. Sex tourism benefits every sector of the travel industry including: airlines, taxis, restaurants, and hotels. Some regions of the world, that have already developed a market for tourists, are building upon this opportunity to bring in more traffic to their destination by constructing new resorts. These new found “hot spots” are worldwide and are gaining popularity by all types of people. Although consensual sexual relations between adults for money are legal in some places, child sex tourism is illegal (in most places) and regarded as sexual abuse. Child sex tourism is part of a multi-billion-dollar global sex tourism industry and is estimated to victimize two million children around the world. (US State Department 2008) The main groups of people who exploit this unethical sector are pedophiles, which makes combating child sex tourism a challenge because these people aren’t worried about consequences rather than a personal gain or temporary satisfaction. Several governments are now beginning to protect citizens enacting such bills as the 2003 US PROTECT Act, which enables stronger regulations and communication about sexual offenders. Another group of laws called Megan’s law, named after seven year old Megan Kanka who was raped and killed by a known child molester who had moved across the street from her family without their knowledge, strived to established two major information services the public. The first is a required sex offender registration by individuals in their communities to local law enforcement agencies and the second is the release of this information to the public. (Megan’s Law)

Female sex tourism is another large component of sex tourism in which the act of woman traveling to different countries in order to have sexual relations with male prostitutes or gigolos. Different from conventional male sex tourism (strip clubs, sex shows), female sex tourism is structured upon traveling to vacation destinations and having sex with locals rather than having sex with other tourists. An estimated 650,000 Western woman have had travel sex since 1980 most of them as repeat customers. Traveling to warm tropical destinations during the winter to vacation and of course have sexual intercourse the woman pay in drinks, meals, and cash. (Sex Tourism) Most women’s opinion of this is simple it’s the same thing that guys have been doing since the 1970’s trading sex for an all paid ride. Prostitution is defined as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. (Webster 2010) In the Unites States, citizens have moralized sex unlike other countries. Travel for prostitution is an unbelievably large business but is just often not spoken of. The United States holds a single state where prostitution is legal; only some counties of Nevada allow brothel prostitution to occur within their limits. Therefore, Americans have to travel to engage in prostitution; creating a worldwide growing industry that is now unstoppable. Other countries such as Asia, parts of Europe, most of South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippians, Canada, and Iran consider prostitution legal; although, it may be legal in some countries, illegal prostitution happens daily. Many of these men and women feel they are condemned to do this work for fear of having no other way to provide for their families. In countries where poverty is an...

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