sex tourism

Topics: Prostitution, Sex industry, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: August 19, 2014
According to the definition of the World Trade Organization (WTO), sex tourism refers to organized trips, within or outside the tourist industry, to engage in a commercial sexual relationship. Sex tourism can be domestic or international, involving cross-border trips for the same purpose. United Nations, defines sex tourism as "trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination". Some people regard sexual activity while travelling as a way of enhancing their travel experience. However, social problems arise when particular countries or cities acquire a reputation as a destination or become attractive for sex tourism. Attractions for sex tourists can include lower costs for sexual services in the destination country, along with easier attitudes to prostitution and because prostitution is either legal or there is indifferent law enforcement, and access to child prostitution. Commercial sexual relationship can engage adults and children. Child sex tourism is illicit, though it forms a major portion of a multi-billion-dollar, fast-growing industry linked to human trafficking and child pornography. Child sex tourism is mainly practiced in Thailand, Brazil, Cambodia and India, WTO figures show and is also associated with sexual exploitation of children - mostly of poor origin in underdeveloped countries - and is intermeshed with adult sex trade. Traditionally, sex tourism is related to male economic and financial domination over women, who are perceived as victims. In cases where women are not victims the concept draws from the Victorian age and the view of fallen women who are outcast from reputable society. However, the discussions on sex tourism and its consequences gained new edge with the rise of feminism and new concepts on the role of females in the sex industry (sex...
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