Sex tourism

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Negative impacts of sex tourism and prostitution in Thailand, Brazil, and Netherlands

Sex tourism is inseparable with travelling and sexual activities with prostitutes. This sector of tourism appears when people are going away to other countries for holidays, where the sexual activities with the locals are dominating. The most popular destinations for sex tourism are in Asia, for instance: Thailand and Philippines. According to the statistics, the second place goes to South America; the best example would be Brazil, (The Humanist, 2010). Sex tourism is also very popular in many Caribbean islands such as: Cuba, Columbia, and The Dominican Republic. In Europe, sex tourism, is not so popular as in Asia or South America. However, there is a Netherlands country, where is a well-known ‘’Red Lights District’’, where sex tourism is also dominating. While sex tourism is dominating in many countries around the world, in this essay will be talking about the most popular places: Thailand, Brazil and Netherlands. First of all, talking about Thailand, sex tourism in this country started long time ago, between 1960 and 1970. The period when the Vietnam War was and many American Soldiers were travelling overseas. During the Vietnam War the soldiers started sex tourism in Thailand, thus opening more jobs opportunities for Thailand’s women and later for young girls. Thailand government did not do anything to stop it, because of the growing GDP and incoming money from foreign. Many women and children are involving their selves in prostitution because of the culture, as in Thailand it is a responsibility to take care of family members. Usually, those kinds of women do not have any education and the only one way to earn money and take care of their parents and the rest of the family members - prostitution. Secondly, sex tourism is illegal in Thailand. However, government can not do anything to stop it, because some people who are in charge of the public affairs are involved with the prostitution. Prostitution also can help to raise economy, for instance, many people are coming to Thailand just for sex adventures. Moreover, a lot of men are going to this country just to find women and they think that it is a right thing to do. They would not go to other Asia countries, but Thailand. This is because of a very young and even virgin girls standing in the streets looking for men who have money and could pay for poor girls. Many women and young girls are sold to the prostitution to earn money by their own families, because of the poverty. ‘’The sex trade is a dangerous job for many women and children affecting their well-being by falling victim to extreme mental and physical abuse including rape, torture, starvation and imprisonment, death threats and physical brutality’’ (BDA, 2000 cited in Ecclectica, 2006). Also, there is a huge risk to damage health for women or children who are involved in sex industry. For instance, it is very easy to get AIDS, HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases or get pregnant. Thirdly, National Human Resource Development (NHRD) is taking control of human beings education, knowledge, and safety and also helping people in many spheres. There is a thought that NHRD should take control of prostitution, especially when it is legal or widely spread. According to McLean, “HRD is any process or activity that, either initially or over the long-term, has the potential to develop work-based knowledge, expertise, productivity and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team gain, or for the benefit of...

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