Sex tourism research Paper

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Eastern Europe Pages: 8 (2523 words) Published: December 24, 2014
Sex Tourism in Eastern Europe

Heather Andes

PSCI 3900:Government and Politics of Russia and East Europe
Dr. Crumley
December 25, y

Sex tourism has both negative and positive effects on Eastern European countries. Czech Republic, specifically Prague, and Riga, Latvia are two of the largest hot spots for sex tourism in Eastern Europe according to a blogger who goes by Naughty Nomad.1 According to Prague is also named as one of the top ten cities in Europe for sex tourism.2 Sex is a worldwide industry, which includes porn, sex toys, and the thirst for sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction is how sex tourism thrives; without the need of fulfilling sexual desires there would be no need for sex tourism. Eastern Europe is considered one of the top destinations for sex tourism.3 Why is the fantasy for East Europeans so high and what is the price that natives to the countries pay for the sex tourism industry? The money that the industry generates is positively affecting the countries, but how the women get involved in the industry is negative. Sex is a fun past time, so what is the harm in paying for that fun time? Most women that are involved in sex tourism are also linked to a huge sex trafficking ring4, especially in countries with lower quality of life. When visiting a different country some people’s main goal is to have a good time with a local. In cities like Prague there are websites that can set you up with a woman or two to greet you as soon as you arrive.5 The sex tourism industry caters to men, women, and swingers. If the customer has the money there are women available at a higher price that look better than the women at a lower price. Other types of prostitutes that can be bought at higher prices are, children, certain ages, and certain races. Children are not available to people within the legal sex tourism industry, they are only accessible through the black market and other illegal resources, like pimps and possibly illegal brothels. The sex tourism site, Global Fantasies makes it known that the woman are not just there for sexual pleasure; the woman can just be a companion around the area as well if that is what is wanted. Sex tourism is a great contributor to a country’s economy; in recent years, studies have shown that the prostitution has larger revenue in Czech Republic than McDonalds.6 Economically charged politicians keep the sex tourism industry a float for financial reasons. Native residents are not always inviting to this idea.7 The negativity that surrounds sex tourism is not just the influx of tourist that the natives do not want, but also the sex trafficking. If the native is not a business owner they do not desire the tourist, especially the ones that are there just for the sex tourism. The residents of Prague that are in the low income are affected the most out of the income classes. The Central Prague residents are affected though the worst from the sex tourism industry.8 Also the human trafficking issues are beginning to lower but it is still a big problem within both countries. As far as prostitution in Czech Republic is concerned, it was not legal nor could there be operating brothels, prostitution rings, or pimping until late 2005. Since the beginning of 2008 prostitutes have been allowed to post ads in the classifieds section of local Czech newspaper.9 According to the draft Act to regulate prostitution, the conditions for getting a license to become a legal prostitute are: reaching the age of 18, full legal capacity, no criminal records, medical fitness, health insurance, and they must pay an administrative fee of 1000 CZK (about $45 USD).10 Some of the other laws against people who seek out prostitution were it is forbidden, they person may be fined up to 15,000 CZK (about $669 USD). Medical Doctors may also be fined 50,000 CZK (about $2230 USD) for certifying a prostitute that is not fit in the terms of their...

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