Sex Trafficking

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Human Trafficking and Slavery

English 101, Semester 1

November 19, 2012

One of the least recognized, yet largest world-wide crime, is human trafficking. It is the act of exchanging people for money, through the use of illegal networks that the annual cost of human trafficking is $32 billion U.S. Dollars (Connolly para. 7). With such a high amount of money being brought in, every year, it is surprising to believe that this is an underground business. What would you do if you saw a 9-year-old child walking the streets selling themselves for money? Could you walk away and pretend it was nothing? People refuse to accept the fact that this is going on in our society, but we need to face the fact that there are little kids that are forced to sell their bodies. This is a 9 million dollar industry, which makes the trafficking industry in the top three of criminal activity. Child Sex Trafficking is the modern day slavery. It is the holding of people against their will. It is mainly used with children under the age of 16. It is usually an ignored crime and victims rarely escape or seek for help. They are dependent on others to help them because they are scared. These victims that are caught by the authorities are usually just looked at as prostitutes and get arrested. There are not enough programs out there to help these victims.

The sex industry is one of the oldest jobs out there. Brothels are even still used today. Sex trafficking victims are usually the people who employ these brothels. But the only people who go to them are the reason that this industry is booming. It is disgusting to know that a grown individual will willing buy a nine year old to have sex with. That is one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever heard of. You may think that this is just an immigration problem. No twenty-five percent of the victims are United States citizens. More than 50 percent of the victims are children. More than 32 percent of the victims are women. People who are subject to the sex trafficking ring are usually homeless, drug abusers, people in financial difficulty, or runaway children. This is an epidemic that we need to solve soon. By pushing this aside and acting like it doesn’t exist we are being unethical to our society.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children and women are abducted, seduced, or sold into forced prostitution, tricked into the service of thousands of men before being sold again or thrown out. These victims of sex slavery are one of the world's most profitable illegal enterprises and make huge profits for their exploiters, unlike narcotics that have to be grown and packaged, victims of forced prostitution do not need to be grown and packaged, sex slaves can be used over and over again. Can you imagine being forced to sexually please someone and have to repeatedly do it every day? One million children are sold into the sex trafficking industry every year (Polaris 3). Every two minutes a child is getting ready to have forced sexual relations with someone (UNICEF).

The recruitment of these sex slaves is usually by brothels, escort services, bars, the mafia and clubs. A lot of the recruiters (pimps) will marry a woman from another country and bring them into the United States and get the victim to become a legal United States citizen and then force them into prostitution. Pimps or also known as the traffickers are usually involved in other criminal activity, such as fraud, extortion, migrant smuggling, theft and money laundering, in addition to trafficking and prostitution (Raymond 9). Methods used to control women in the sex industry included: denying freedom of movement, isolation, controlling money, threats and intimidation, drug and alcohol dependencies, threatened exposure of pornographic films, and physical and sexual violence.

A lot of women are held captive and some women were not free until they paid off their debts. Pimps are the...

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