Sex Trafficking

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Slavery Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Ways to Eliminate Sex Trafficking

As a society we often look at prostitutes as a problem and as whores. Unfortunately the sad reality is that the vast majority of women involved in this illegal trade do not want to be there and want out, but they do not have an exit strategy. The majority of the women in this industry are not the problem and are actually sex slaves. In order to help these women, we as a society have to look at this illegal industry and determine its route causes, we then have to create exit strategies for these women and then educate our society.

Sex trafficking needs to be eliminated, yet so many people fail to see its route causes, which are right in front of them. Sex Trafficking, an organized crime, it prospers like any other business would, on supply and demand, if there is no demand, than there is no supply. It is people that you walk by everyday, family, friends, judges, professors and many others who create this demand for sex trafficking. Victims of sex trafficking are used world wide in Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and in pornography. Anyone using any of these resources is a cause to this illegal crimes existence and is therefore creating its demand.

Some countries make arguments and believe that by making it legal, it will be safe for the women, controlled and a way to bring revenue into the country. However organized crime gangs run the majority of these legal brothels and still use sex slaves as few women choose this occupation naturally. Legalization is actually a root cause to sex trafficking because the women are still enslaved and by a country having a legal brothel, their message is that it is ok to buy and sell women and children for sex. Legal brothels are a way of a country closing a blind eye to sex trafficking and collecting revenues.

The best way to eliminate sex trafficking is by prevention, in-order to prevent people need to be educated and come to the realization that they are the root cause of this illegal...
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