Should Contractual Sex be Legal?

Topics: Prostitution, Prostitution in Nevada, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: December 1, 2013

There has been much debate whether prostitution should be legal and one that our society approaches with disinterest. Society simultaneously condemns contract sex yet provides it to customers while with conflicting attitudes and behaviors that our society imposes (Strong, 2009). Many of the assumptions in the U.S about contract sex remain hampered by the laws and social restrictions (Strong, 2009). Though, strong arguments have been made in support of legalizing prostitution and decriminalizing it. The U.S is one of the few countries that impose against prostitution while other countries accept prostitution by successfully regulating it and restricting those who exploit it. Those who have successfully regulated prostitution have cured much of the issues surrounding prostitution such as health, crime, acceptance, and overall a safe work environment. Assumptions

There are three assumptions that our society imposes on prostitution, the first being prostitution is linked to organized crime. While this may be true to a small degree there are also many types of prostitution such as the streetwalkers, brothels, masseuses, and call girls. About 10% of American prostitutes are streetwalkers which found to be in correlation of drug use, transmitted disease, trafficking, and organize crime (Scott & Dedel). These street girls also can be linked to the many problems of organize crime. But by legalizing contractual sex would give these women employment rights to protect them from organize crime and stop the exploitation of these types of workers. The second assumption is that prostitution is the cause of increase sexual transmitted disease. While this is true it is because of the lack of education, health care and safe work environment that many of these prostitutions do not have. It was concluded by Australia government where prostitution is legal that places like legal brothels provide “sustainable model for health, crime-free and safe legal...

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