Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

Topics: Retirement, Ageing, Old age Pages: 5 (896 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Should politicians have a retirement age? - Times Of India


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Should politicians have a retirement age?
Feb 29, 2004, 12.00am IST



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Sachin Pilot Young Congressman: Yes. The trend everywhere is catch them young. Why exclude politicians?

We are a young nation: almost 75 per cent of our billion plus population is below 40 years. Fifty-four per cent has not even crossed the age of 25. Ironical, isn't it then, that most of our top politicians are in their 70s; some are even 80 plus. Ads by Google

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It's the norm in every society to give younger people — who have the zest, desire and determination — a chance to prove themselves, be it in sports, entertainment, business or media. Why exclude politics? RELATED ARTICLES

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There comes a time when the baton has to be passed, when a certain political space has to be vacated, so that India's present can shape its future. I don't believe in a specific retirement age for our politicians. The decision should be a voluntary one. The guidelines regarding retirement can be set down by each political party. Politicians would need to retire not only because they are physically unable to cope with the rigours of this demanding career, but because they feel that they have done their bit for the country. What are the reasons for people being disenchanted with our politicians? Corruption, criminalisation and the perception that the average Indian politician is a grey, unresponsive, timeless entity — an entity that will not let go off its position of power. Let's be honest — an energetic, active, inspirational 75-year-old politician is more the exception than the rule. With no disrespect to those who have contributed immensely to the polity of this country, I feel it's time political parties allowed a younger lot to face electoral battles. That will enable them to understand the needs and aspirations of their electorate. People need to be able to associate themselves with their representatives, and vice versa: politicians must also be able to relate to the increasingly younger Indian. That doesn't mean our older politicians have no role to play. In fact, they can play a constructive role by drawing upon their vast experience and knowledge-base to guide and advise on a variety of issues. It is the political leadership of a country which decides which direction it should take. In order to harness the tremendous potential of young Indians in the political arena, we have to make way for them. In order to instil a sense of confidence and belonging, we have to make the younger generation


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27-10-2011 22:17

Should politicians have a retirement age? - Times Of India

stakeholders while chartering the course for India's future. Ads by Google

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