Siddhartha’s Journey and Its Reflection of Real Life

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Siddhartha’s Journey and Its Reflection of Real Life
In Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha, the main character, Siddhartha, leaves home in a search for identity and the meaning of life. A journey many people may set out on in their lives and some may succeed. Many however, fail in their quest for truth. Along the way Siddhartha makes several stops, and each stop has a specific relation to his journey. Some are more significant than others, but that is the case in everyone’s life, there are important times of people’s lives and also irrelevant times. In Siddhartha’s journey, each place represents a specific time in his life and also a significant point in his journey.

The first step of Siddhartha’s journey comes in the form of the Samanas. At this point Siddhartha’s journey is just in its starting phases. As a result, this part of the journey can be likened to the infancy years of the life of real people. The Samanas take care of Siddhartha at this point and teach him what he should and should not do in life, much like what parents do for their children when they are infants. The Samanas however are not quite the parental figures of Siddhartha; they are more like the workers in a preschool for infants in actual life. “Siddhartha sat upright and learned to save his breath” (Hesse 14), this was the type of lessons that were taught, and that Siddhartha took to heart. This stage of Siddhartha life continues until he needs to leave the Samanas and they have taught him all they can. Again this is very similar to real life as one can only spend so much time at a preschool before moving on to elementary school. This causes Siddhartha to leave the group of Samanas and continue along the journey of life.

The second stop he makes on his journey is at the Buddha’s camp. At this point Siddhartha is still rather young and usually the young need guidance and that is what Siddhartha gets. Siddhartha learns many significant aspects of life at the camp but one was more...

Bibliography: Hesse, Hermann. Siddhartha. Toronto: Bantam, 1971. Print.
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