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Bs Architecture
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The content of this topic is about comparing the ancient greek architecture and ancient roman architecture, the topic said in this comparative analysis is not all about structure,designing a building . I’ts all about compairing the characteristics of greek and roman architecture. And its all about religion beliefs, different materials they’ve use to do a structure. Keyword

Ancient Greek Architecture, Ancient Roman Architecture
The context of this paper is about the ancient structure, different similar concepts. And about the history in ancient greek architecture and ancient roman architecture. Roman architecture is essentially a hybrid composed of elements inherited from the estruscans combined with the outside influences of the greeks. The native etruscan building traditions can be recognized and the early substructures of the capitoline temple in rome. The temple can be identified as the type described by vitrivius as typically etruscan, consisting basically of a wide structures with a deep porch supported by columns. The temple of apollo at pompeii, probably built in a late second century b.c.e.. is a typical example of a temple that exhibit greek influenced in its plan. Etruscan and early roman art and architecture were very much influences by the advances made by greeks,particularly by the structures in a greek colonies in southern italy and sicily. Content

(Greek) : Plans - display simplicity, beauty, and perfection of proportions which give dignity and grandeur in spite of smallness of scale. Unity and symmetry resulted from the self-contained character of the temples, while varied and unsymmetrical grouping occurs only- in certain buildings like the Erechtheion .The Greek ideal of life did not tend towards the erection of utilitarian buildings.The post and beam or trabeated form of construction made for simplicity and did not lend itself to such variety and boldness of plan as did the arcuated Roman style. There is no mingling of constructive principles in Greek buildings, and the structural limitations of the trabeated style prevented the novel developments to which the arcuated style gave rise.The Doric order of ancient Greek architecture was the most basically formed column as well as the most commonly used on the temples. The wide columns were used to support the beams that formed the ceiling. The columns of the Ionic order were slender and held sculpted figures. The Corinthian order was fancy. It had a lot of detail carved into the column and therefore was rarely used.Ancient Greek architecture commonly featured a front and back porch, which is where the columns were displayed. It was also the first in its time to feature a gabled roof.The ancient Greek architectural style is significant because it promotes harmony and proportion in its design. Building designs are typically symmetrical with clean lines.Ancient Greek architecture dates to 400 BC when buildings such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis were built. The style of architecture spread throughout other regions of the world and became popular in Europe in the mid-1700s. In the first few years of the 1800s, many public buildings and private homes in the United States were built in the Greek style of architecture.The true arch. with voussoirs was not used, but the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, is roofed by a vault with the stones laid horizontal, each stone overlapping the one below, till the crown is reached . This type of roofing obviously limited the size and form of the building.Greek temples were usually orientated, so that the rising sun might light up the statue . ( Roman) : Plans- convey an impression of vastness and magnificence, and are characteristic of a powerful and energetic race. The Romans were pre-eminently great...
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