Simple Gift

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Alcoholism Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: September 7, 2013
how does belonging emerge from connection to people?

In both the simple gift, a collection of poems by steven herrick and UP a pixar film directed by Pete Doctor connections to people are present. in the simple gift the characters Old Bill and Billy have a similar connection to Carl and Russell. These connections lead to both groups sharing a feeling of belonging when they are together.

Billy is a sixteen year old boy who has a lack of connection to his family and alcoholic father as well as a lack of connection to place, although he feels a connection with nature.In the poem “Longlands Road” Billy says “i throw one rock on the roof of each deadbeat, no-hoper, shithole, lonely, downtrodden house in Longlands Road”. This shows the audience how much he doesn’t care about his community in a condescending and bitter tone. in order to counteract this lack of belonging billy goes down to the creek in his spare time and chooses to belong there billy decides to pack his bags and leave home. when he gets to benderat he decides to stay there. this gives him a chance to start a new life. “ i wait for the three whistles to dump me in another state, miles from home and school” this shows the importance of being very far away from his home town and violent, alcoholic father.

Like Billy, Russell from up is a young boy who enjoys to be in nature, he is a wilderness explorer, an only child with an unclear family background. His dad is mostly absent although unlike billy, russell looks up to him in every way and yet there is no real connection between them.

Old Bill for billy however is a friend. Old bill is an old man who suffers trauma due to the loss of his daughter Jessie and his wife. This led Old Bill to ‘homelessness’ as his home reminds him too much of his daughter and wife bringing him to the streets turning to alcohol to hide the pain. He says “ and this pub, this beer, these clothes, this is where i landed”. the use of repitition of the word “this”...
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