Small Business Plan

Topics: High school, Middle school, Present Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Angelina Nilssen
Teen Life Center

For our business project, we decided to create an environment in which teenagers, our main clients, can rise to their maximum potential. We will be running a human resource/retail business. As our slogan “Get more out of life with Teen Life Center” suggests, we will provide teenagers with resources for life. They will have the opportunity to get help on homework, have a place to gather with fellow students for study sessions, and will be able to attend stress relief workshops. Our professional tutors will help students excel academically and will improve their own confidence in their academic abilities. In addition, students will be able to attend workshops specifically designed to relieve stress accumulated from schoolwork and the hectic everyday lives of teenagers. For the convenience of our customers, we also have a boutique located at the center where students can easily purchase any needed materials.

Our business will be run by Angelina Nilssen, Tatevik Krkasharian, Francesca Valencia, Emily De Rosa, Liana Zurabyan, and Vana Khachatourian. Because our business is a partnership composed of so many people and the fact that our business is new, we will not be hiring too many employees at the present time. We will divide up the work and manage as much of it as we can ourselves, so that we do not have to spend extra money on hiring employees. Nilssen will be in charge of running the boutique and being at the cash register during business hours, Krkasharian will be in charge of Finances and being manager, Valencia will be the Sales Associate and Customer Service Representative, Zurabyan will being charge of Inventory and the stock room, Khachatourian will be in charge of Human Resources and all workshops, and De Rosa will be marketing manager. To make our business accessible to a wider group of students, we chose an office building that is in close proximity to both Toll Middle School and Hoover High School. As a result,...
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