Social Studies Sba Questionnaire

Topics: Confidence trick, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: December 14, 2014
Money Laundering (Scamming) among youths in the Community Anchovy Meadows

Instruction:Below are some questions .Please tick your appropriate age.

i) Age Range: 10-15
26 and over

ii) Sex: Female

1) Base on your knowledge of scamming, what is scamming ?
This is when individuals call people and request money This is when individuals are deceived into believing they’ve one a “prize” and are requested to send a sum of money in order to obtain it This is when people send money to other people

This is money sent from overseas

2) What are some possible effect of scamming?
Beautification of community
Frequent police raids
Noise pollution in community
Respect to elderly people

3) What are some possible ways you can identify a scammer ?
How they community with others
Their mode of dressing
How they work
Their way of life

4) Why do youths of this community scam?
It is a way out of poverty
It is a easier job and more convenient
Availability of jobs is low
Individual do not have the qualifications for a job

5) What was the community of Anchovy Meadows like before scamming? It was a community with small houses and less cars
It was a peaceful community
It had police raiding more frequently
The respect for elderly people was higher

6) What are some effects of scamming on the youths of the Anchovy Meadows future ? More Youths having a criminal record
An upgrade in status
Their children receive a better Education
Life Imprisonment

7) In what ways does scamming affect teenage girls ?
A higher rate of teenage pregnancy
Push them to be educated
Lose focus towards school work
There is no effect

8) If the growth...
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