Sociology Uber Assignment

Topics: Privacy, Organizational studies, Customer service Pages: 10 (644 words) Published: March 29, 2015

Aniket Sheth
Balam Sai Kiran
B. Varaprasad Rao
Mohammed Mandasaurwala
Nishant Gadia
Runam Daga
Zainulabedin Wagh

Company Background
• Uber is an app-based transportation network
and taxi company headquartered in San
Francisco, California founded by Travis Kalanick
& Garrett camp in 2009.
• The company uses a smartphone application to
receive ride requests and then sends these trip
requests to their drivers.
• Customers use the app to request rides and
track their reserved vehicle's location.
• Since Uber's launched, several other companies
have emulated its business model, a trend that

Vision & Mission
• Uber is a software company and does not own any
of the cars which transport Uber customers.
• Uber has negotiated contracts with drivers and
takes 25 percent of the fare.
• The initial launch city was San Francisco in 2010
and Kalanick has been busy raising capital ever
• Seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our
apps, cities have become much more accessible,
opening up more possibilities for riders and more
business for drivers.
• The mission of Uber is that they offer a lot more:
reliability, customer support, style, comfort and
reduce frustration. It is your on-demand private
• Uber also provides real-time ridesharing, allowing

Business Model & Value Proposition
Target Customers
• End Users:
Upper Class
Urban Middle-Class
• Suppliers:
Value Proposition
End User: Secure, trustworthy &
guaranteed ride with shorter waiting
Drivers: Busier & efficient days for drivers

Organizational Culture
• Vision- Employees recruited by the company were
assessed on the vision they had for themselves & the
company as a whole.
• Quality obsessionThe one feature that
differentiated Uber from its competitors was the
extreme prioritization given to Quality control &
• InnovationThe Company encouraged idea
techniques from all its employees.
• Fierceness & Execution- The employees were
supposed have “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude to
implement creative ideas & problem solving. Execution

Organizational Culture
• Super Pumpedness- Employees were to bring energy
& infectious attitude to everything they did. Be
dedicated & do whatever it takes to make Uber a

CommunicationAll employees were rated by
themselves, their managers & peers annually. The
rating directly influenced compensation & bonus
recommendation. Hence the ’degree of hustle’ shared
by the employees had to be matched by a new joiner.

Response of Uber on Allegations
• Uber faced controversy for comments suggesting the
company should hire researchers to dig up dirt about
reporters who have been critical of the company.
• The incident reinforced two long-standing criticisms of
the company: that it has a misogynistic culture, and
that it has too little respect for privacy.
• These incidents brought about following covert
aspects of its culture:
• Uber's corporate culture has always been tolerant
of breaking rules in order to succeed.
• lax procedures for checking potential drivers'
backgrounds, and for not taking assault allegations
• It also raised concerns about Uber's commitment
to customer privacy.

Response of Uber on Allegations
• Uber’s Response:
• On confrontation with the criticism of the practice
at Uber, they apologized formally on various media
platforms and posted their privacy policy.
• And, in defense the post on the blog mentioned
that Uber employee were only allowed to look at
customer data for only a limited set of legitimate
business. Violations of any policy lead to possibility
of termination and legal action against the

Suggested Operational Policies
• Uber is promising better safeguards when it renews
operations, including more stringent driver screening,
a call-in number to report...
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