Stagecoach: Doc Holliday and Mrs. Mallory

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The characters in Stagecoach have more depth than is first let on at the beginning of the film. Characters who could be considered to be bad people show you their greatest traits. A prostitute with a heart of gold, a drunkard doctor, and an outlaw; who’s only motivation is what’s right.

Dallas is a lady of the night, she has been run out of the town by the judgmental women of the township, the Law and Order League. She is avoided by the high-class characters in the film, and only thought of as her profession. Nobody wants to acknowledge her, only that she is a woman of ill repute. It isn’t until she takes care of Mrs. Mallory that anyone can look past what she does for a living. Dallas only thinks poorly of herself until John Wayne’s character Ringo Kid, shows her how important she really is.

Doc. Boone is being sent of out his town, because of his infatuation with the bottle. Although his character’s antics are comic, it shows the plight of a broken man. It also shows that even a respected doctor can fall from grace, given life’s hardships. Doc Boone redeems himself in some manner, by being able to sober up, and birth Mrs. Mallory’s baby. Even after successfully delivering her child, he returns once again to the bottle. This just goes to show the demons a man faces dealing with alcoholism.

Ringo Kid is thought to be an outlaw, and a bad man, although his only motivation, is to avenge his father and brother’s deaths. He shows compassion for the disgusting characters. He helps Doc. Boone to sober up. He declines the notion that Dallas is just a whore. He helps Dallas into the coach when no one else will even speak to her. He even finds it in himself to protect the man dead set on arresting him, Marshall Curly Wilcox. In the end he fights for his fellow stagecoach riders against the indian savages.

The characters in Stagecoach are not who they appear to be. These people who are thrown into difficult situations, and the low lifes are...
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