Street Car Named Desire

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January 18, 2012

In the play a Street Car Named Desire my feelings were never the same toward the characters. The character that my feelings changed for most through out the play is Blanche. Blanche was never a true person in the play. She was always lying to everyone and making her self look like something she wasn’t. She was a very deceiving person and I did not like that about her. Towards the end of the play I started to have a little sympathy for her.

In scenes one through four Blanche was revealed in the play. As soon as we were introduced to her i already knew I did not feel sympathy for her. I could see right through her and knew she was trouble just as Stanley does. Right from the beginning Blanch is lying to everyone. “He suggested I take a leave of absence”(pg.9). This quote shows Blanche lying as soon as she sees Stella. Blanche was actually fired from her job. Blanche got caught up with a 17 year old boy from the school. The superintendent found out and kicked fired her. Blanche did not want Stella to know what she had done to get fired.

In scenes five through nine my sympathy does not change at all. Blanche is a total mess at this point through out the play. Blanches lying becomes out of hand. We also find out that Blanche is a whore. Stanley finds out that Blanche was kicked out of Laurel for sleeping around to much. She was causing to much commotion with in the town. “He knows about her and everybody in the town of Laurel knows all about her” (pg.99) This quote is Stanley telling Stella that her sister Blanche is no innocent or pure girl. This shows Blanche is still lying to all of them. Her lying is becoming out of hand. My sympathy still has not changed for Blanche because she is making a fool of her self.

At the end of the play my feelings and sympathy has changed. I feel a little sympathy towards Blanche. My sympathy has changed because Blanche is now lonely again because she has lost Mitch. Blanche is also...
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