Supply and Demand and Economist View Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Supply and demand, Sex industry Pages: 4 (1711 words) Published: March 27, 2013
As we live in 21st century prostitution has been like an everyday good a market can offer. Economist view prostitution as performing a business activity. However, the problem is still around. The demand for prostitution is continually growing. What still surprises the people is that not only the homeless and starving people choose this path as a career but also young generation do as well. In some countries there are underage children that have been kidnapped or have been lost and found by people and force them into prostitution. Parents concern is that why do their children have to grow up with opinion about prostitution as a source of receiving money to survive in this world. It has turned out to be one of the most important trades in the world. Several poor countries are forced into prostitution or have no choice of other jobs turn to prostitution as a support during their economic difficulties. When a person thinks they don’t have enough education and knowledge to get a job, he or she will think of prostitution, which is easier to join the labour force. People view prostitution as a simple way to make money. Although it does leave a negative look for the society but in fact it has been recognized as popular “job” for many people, which is in fact cannot be ignored by others. People usually believe that it’s mostly woman in the prostitution market but when in reality, men are the ones that are considered to be the more important part of the high demand. Prostitution is when an individual offers to have sex and get a wage for it. When they exchange money for sexual service. Prostitution business revolves around performing sex by the opposite gender. Opportunity cost of woman choosing prostitution is marriage. In reality a woman cannot be a wife and a prostitute at the same time. By choosing that as a career they are making a rational choice by deciding that prostitution is better off for them than other jobs and also forgone marriage life. Even though...
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