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Human Trafficking (Sex Trafficking)

Sex trafficking all over the world has become a major concern in the 21st century as those perpetrations this atrocity take advantage of the innocent by illegally trafficking human beings for wage profits. In my essay I will be stating 3 key points to my argument against sex trafficking. The first point is how trafficking is done. That part in the body of my paper will talk about the different methods used to lure people into the rings. The second point will talk about where sex trafficking is done. For example I will mention how having a weak criminal justice system can play a huge part into luring people. Then the last part of my three key points will talk about how people are targeted. It will mainly focus on women and the different scenarios that they are in when they go into trafficking rings. After reading all three key points I hope you will agree with the thesis statement mentioned earlier in the introduction talking about how cruel human trafficking can be.

First Key Point
In the Sex trafficking there are many different ways of luring people into rings (Sex trafficking groups.) Sex trafficking usually consists of people being forced into these rings. In a lot of places women are kidnapped and taken out of their homeland/towns and forced into what is said to be called” Modern day slavery” For this part of my paper I will name 3 commonly used methods that result in people joining Sex trafficking rings. At times women chose to become prostitutes due to the fact that it is quick easy money that can help them support their families because usually the women are single parents. But soon after the women become prostitutes the pimps (leaders of trafficking groups) take most of their earnings and at the same time force them into staying in the ring. Another way women get into trafficking rings is when they are misled into thinking there are job opportunities. Usually pimps mislead them to places very far from their homes so it’s harder to escape. There is something called the Uzbek ring which is a sex trafficking ring that links with Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, India, Israel, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Costa Rica. Many women are misled into thinking there are more job opportunities in these countries and then when they travel they are taken away and stripped of their identification and passports. Then forced into prostitution with harsh punishments when they don’t make enough money for their pimps. The last method for bringing women into trafficking rings is blatantly kidnapping. In a lot of cities it’s extremely dangerous to walk around at night. In ”Sexual trafficking in China: Kidnapped into prostitution”, 2 Chinese women tell their story about how they got caught into a sex trafficking ring. One night they decided to go a karaoke bar. Little did they know that it was a place where many notorious gangsters usually hangout at. Soon enough two men kidnapped them took them to a nearby hotel. The two men introduced them to some women that were raped and said if you don’t make any money you will look like that. They now recede in a city called Erlian. This was just one of the many stories from Sex Trafficking survivors. So, overall there are three ways people get into sex rings Join themselves, Misled, or kidnapped.

Second Key Point
Sex trafficking is something that happens all over the world. Even in some of the wealthiest and historical countries you can run into sex trafficking. According to (“U.N Gift”) 59% of the world’s human trafficking occurs in Central Asia. The reason Central Asia has such a huge percentage is because a lot of its major cities bring in many tourists, and at night that’s a good time to see night time attractions. So then traffickers take advantage of the night and kidnap new members that way. Corruption also plays a huge part in sex trafficking because in countries with weak/corrupted police forces it is...
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