Synergetic Solutuions

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Synergetic Solutions Report
Synergetic Solutions is an organization that CEO Harold Redd has decided to move from assembling of top computer brands and reselling them into the more complex industry of network solutions and implementing complex computer solutions. (University of Phoenix, 2002) Through communication and planning the organization has made the transition by following change models of Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step model and Kotter’s Eight-Step Plan for Implementing Change. Internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions

Synergetic Solutions is facing a change in the process at the organization. In moving from “assembling and reselling leading computer brands” (University of Phoenix, 2002) to “network solution business of designing and implementing complex computing networks” (University of Phoenix, 2002) Synergetic Solutions is facing external forces of technology and business structure ("Distinguish Between Internal And External Forces Of Change.", n.d.). “When the organizations adopt a new technology, its work structures are affected and a new equilibrium has to be established. We have seen that technology has impact on organization structure, organizational processes, and behavior of people.” ("Distinguish Between Internal and External Forces of Change.” n.d.) Because the majority of the employees at Synergetic Solutions are only capable of basic trouble shooting and computer assembly (University of Phoenix, 2002) there will be a need for retraining or replacing staff with individuals with the appropriate skill set.

Factors CEO Harold Redd needs to consider implementing a change strategy successfully
Harold Redd needs to look at how the changes he is making are going to affect his employees. If he implements the changes with the employees in mind by involving them, educating them, and compensating them the push back should lessen. Through the new variable pay plan that encourages...
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