Talking About Compensated Dating

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Talking about compensated dating, some people may attribute the cause to the openness towards sex and vanity of those who engage in compensated dating. As a sex educator, one should consider from the angle of young people and understand the thinking behind. In that way, intervention could be done in accordance to the needs of youth, such as communicating with young people in a caring attitude, analyzing the dangers sensibly, so as to help them develop healthy sexual values. In the workshop, through sharing local cases and examples from the Internet and media, Mr. Chiu indicated the complicated psychological needs of people engaging in compensated dating, and the reasons behind the behavior, such as easy to earn money, desire to leave the restriction of family, gain the recognition from friends, search for the lack of family care and love, etc. Besides, parents should be more aware of own behaviors and words which might encourage compensated dating indirectly, like praising the actress who was experiencing premarital pregnancy with a rich businessman, scalping stock and properties but not caring the children. |發表時間: |2010-07-28 |

近年,「援交」成為社會關注的話題之一。援交,此詞語源自日本,是「援助交際」的簡稱。指少女為獲得金錢而答應與男士約會,但不一定伴有性行為。在 援交的關係中,物質滿足為主要考慮,發展長遠關係的元素 (如: 對方的忠誠、關愛、人格、前途及責任感等) 均為其次的考慮。 可是,現今「援交」卻演變為學生提供性交易的代名詞:有年輕人為了物質的滿足而甘願賣身、有少女利用網上論壇作為援交的平台,張貼個人照片、提供服務類別及交易價錢等資訊以供顧客選取…有少女充當出租情人卻被侵犯勒索、更有援交少女慘遭碎屍… 根據循道衛理楊震社會服務處有關香港援交少女的研究報告指出,援交少女的個案多有一個共通點: 其一是與父母關係疏離,欠缺溝通。在成長過程中,青少年渴望獨立之餘,亦期望得到情感上的認同。在家中得不到關愛,青少年很容易會轉而尋求朋輩的認同,或 追求物質的享受而得到安全感,所以會進行援交。加上,網絡世界提供了一個隱蔽的平台,令青少年易於參與其中,淡化了援交的危機及負面意義,令年青人發展出 一些不成熟的價值觀,例如,視援交為速食愛情、援交有自主權等等。 不少少女都把援交合理化,自以為援交跟性工作不一樣,在過程中可以有自主權,然而,很多時候,遇上別有意圖的援交客人,少女未必能夠保護自己,有可 能會被行劫、勒索、強姦、甚至被拍下性愛片段上載至網絡。有少女因接受援交而意外懷孕,甚至染上性病。更有援交少女剖白指出,已對男性失去信心,覺得難以 相信男朋友,難再投入於真正感情。 援交風氣亦助長青少年發展出不健康的道德價值,例如,部份青少年誤以為身體是賺錢的工具,以為女性可以透過身體去換取利益及優越的對待、兩性關係以 滿足物慾為基礎,發展性關係的考慮來自利益;又或以為援交享有自主權,可以先跟對方見面,才決定是否跟對方有性關係。這些不健康的價值觀均會間接影響青少 年發展正常的社交及兩性關係。 oung people develop a sense of sexual urge during the course of puberty. Hence, it is normal and natural for teenagers to long for physical intimacy. However, for those who approach sex with an immature attitude and those who don’t consider the pros and cons carefully beforehand, physical intimacy may abruptly lead to sex. Let’s reflect on some common errors young people often make in regards to sex. • Peer pressure & recognition: “Everybody’s doing it!” “I’ll be teased if I don’t!” Sex is not a tool to earn acceptance or something to boast about. Don’t be a blind follower. • An act of maturity: “I’m matured enough to have sex! I’ll be a laughingstock if I’m still a virgin!” Maturity is not determined by your sexual experience. In fact, it’s childish and immature to use sex to prove to others you are an adult! • To satisfy sexual needs: “”He/She makes me so high!” Although sexual impulse is a natural human instinct, we are capable of controlling such feelings. If we only act on our instincts without giving proper thought beforehand, the consequences may be unbearable and we may have to live with the guilt and remorse for the rest of our lives.  • Trade sex for love: “Sex equals love.” “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.” Sex does not equal love. Sex is one of the ways to show affection, but one should never use it to trade for love or to maintain a relationship. It is futile to try to fix a relationship with sex. • A single sex contact will not result in pregnancy

Every sexual intercourse may lead to pregnancy. There is no 100% effective-proof contraceptive method available right now. • “Sex is fun and enjoyable!”
It takes time for loving partners or married couples to adapt to their sex life, and learn how best to enjoy it. However, sex is not that fun and enjoyable if it goes under the cloud of doubts and uneasiness.  

In fact, the word “sex” carries a neutral meaning and bears no good or...
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