The Accidental Buddhist

Topics: Buddhism, Dalai Lama, Gautama Buddha Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The Acidental Buddhist
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Book Report
The Accidental Buddhist by Dinty Moore
When I first started reading the book I had a hard time following it, I think it was because I just didn’t understand his style of writing at first. I think part of it may have been his use of words too. I didn’t really care for the term “monkey mind”, I felt that it was very redundant and became very distracting to me throughout the book. I also felt that he was self-indulgent throughout almost the entire book. Also, I felt like he put his daughter and wife on the back burner in his endless pursuit of liberation. I had made a note of this upon my reading the book. I then scribbled it out thinking that it may have not been important in the paper, but the book later pointed out that he realized his neglect of his daughter and wife in his pursuit to the answers of American Buddhism. I’m sure that Dinty Moore would assert that it was not selfish however, since we are all one and the same and there is no definite separation of individual except in the mind. I think overall it was a good book though; he made a lot of good points that seem very relevant in my life at the current time which I though was very interesting. He points out that instead of focusing all time and attention on retiring, and getting that certain job, or certain promotion; one needs to focus on then here and now, the little things of life. This really applies to the fact that I get so caught up in my work schedule at Chili’s and feel like if my boss changes my schedule it is a reflection of my performance and is enough to make me not even want to get out of bed. Reading this book actually helped me see things as minutiae, minor details, and I actually laughed about my work situation. I get so caught up in grades and work that life will pass me by if I’m not careful. The fact is the manager was giving me a break because I work six days a week and he knows how much I put into my academics as well;...
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