The Ageing Population Has Not Only an Bad Effect but Also It Brings Benefit on Our Society.

Topics: Retirement, Aging, Old age Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: June 25, 2013
In these days there is no doubt that the population of older people are increasing. ESP in Japan. The media generally warn us about this trend and focus on a negative effect, however, The ageing population has not only an bad effect but also it brings benefit on our society.

The one positive side is their wisdoms. Older people are far more experienced and knowledgeable. They have what it takes to guide the younger generation in the right direction and more precise solutions when people face the difficulty. Moreover, population ageing offer many opportunities for the economy. Although the market will be changed by the ageing of the consumers who have different interest from younger generation, for example, more golf clubs will be sold than surf boards, the mature people will spend their money more than younger people on such luxury goods. Also they use disposable income for their grandchildren, leisure and recreation. As a result, it considerable that the business for older generation is expected the growth.

On the other hand, this greying population can also be detrimental (harmful / damaging) to the society such as healthcare and taxation. As there would be more senior citizens, the healthcare cost would rise up since medicines and nursing care would be needed more to care for elderly people in their prime years. As a result of supporting those people, additional expenditures which are incurred from government and then taxes would be required for the budget. Pension is not the exception either. The more retired people we have, the more costs of pension are needed. Take the example of retirement age, which government consider that it should be changed. Although it is in the its very early stages, the law for extending the limit is discussed on the national Diet(parliament) in Japan.

In conclusion, even though media said there are a number of negative effect like the burden on younger generation, there is a positive side such as new business and their...
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