The Athenian Society in Ancient Greek

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Athenian Society
The Athenian society was known as the most powerful society and well-developed city in the ancient Greek world. The Athenian Society was also known for their brilliant innovations in a lot of fields of life that are still being used in today’s life. Those fields of life include literature, poetry, drama, theatre, schools, buildings, and government. The fact that Athenian society being the strongest and brilliant society in the Ancient Greek time makes it become the most interesting society to study about. This society has a lot to offer in terms of its history and culture. To really see what the Athenian Society look like, we have to look at some important factors. Those factors include the importance individuals, the politics system, the society’s class structure, the religion, and the organization and rules of The City Dionysia. The importance individuals of the Athenian society are the individuals who played a role in the development of the Athenian society. The first person that was well known in the Athenian society was the classical Greek Athenian philosopher called Socrates. People also recognized him as one of the founders of the western philosophy. His works have inspired many people from time to time, especially writers. Another Important Individual in the classical Athenian society was Socrates' student, Plato. Plato was also known for his sophisticated works in philosophy. In addition to being well known as a writer of Philosophical dialogues, People also recognized Plato for his work in mathematics. Plato was also the founder of the very first institution of higher learning, which is called the Academy in the Athens. Overtime, Plato's philosophical dialogues have been used for teaching in many different subjects. Those particular subjects include philosophy, ethics, rhetoric, mathematics, logic, and religion. Besides Socrates and Plato, There was another individual who was also known...
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