The Booming of Korean Wave

Topics: Seoul, Korea, South Korea Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: March 8, 2013

Korean wave is phenomenon where the popularity of South Korean culture increases around the world. It also refer to “Hallyu” in Korean language. The term was appeared in China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalist that was surprised by the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment in China. It shows that Korean culture industries like films, TV dramas, and other media industries give the positive effect of Korean cultural export, not only the economy but also on their nation image. When we think of Korean popular culture, we should note that in this case we should think about Korean dramas and film industries. For example, “Love Rain” and “Rooftop Prince”. This two dramas become extremely popular in Asia, even they were dubbed and subbed by editor to suit their international viewers. The export of Korean TV dramas become the easiest way to promote their culture. It is because most Korean films always show their own culture for their background. For example “Rooftop Prince”, we can see that his drama combine traditional and modern culture at the same time. At the beginning episodes, we can see the traditional culture from Korea. We can know about Joseon Kingdom, the traditional “Hanbok” that they wear at Joseon era, and “Omurice” one of Korean food. At the middle episode until the end, it is time for us to know about Korean modern culture. We can know the fashions in Korea now, like their clothes that they wear, their hair style, and what accessories that they use. So, from this drama viewers can know about Korean culture. Beside can promote their culture, Korean TV dramas can increase their economy because Korean TV dramas is cheaper than other drama movies in other country such us Hollywood. The recent economic crisis in Asia has brought this situation when Asian buyers prefer to buy the cheaper Korean movies. The appear of Korean Pop Idols also give some effect to Korea. They are the “Key” to attract international attention to...
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