The Buddhist Architecture - Essay

Topics: Islam, Religion, Buddhism Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 4, 2012
The Buddhist architecture has a lot of history that comes along with the culture, India is known for being the center of Buddhism as well as the highlight Buddha's teachings. Different parts of Buddha life is instilled in the architecture. According to "The Buddhist Architecture" (2007), “Caves or grottoes are the oldest form of the Buddhist architecture. They are also known as the rock-cut monasteries, which were hewn from the cliffs and rock walls of the valleys. In India, the most significant cave is Ajanta caves, near modern Aurangabad, Maharashtra.” (para. Two and Four). The caves had played a large part in the history of Buddhist architecture; it was more than just a building or even a simple rock. According to "The Buddhist Architecture" (2007), “Pagodas are the principle form of Buddhist architecture, which are used as religious multistory Buddhist towers, erected as a memorial or shrine. The most important factor was Consciousness, which is the ultimate reality.” (para. Two and Four). There are various buildings associated with religion, but the one that came out at the most in my search was, “Mahabodhi Temple,” this place is known for being a place where “Buddha” obtained inspiration and enlightenment. There were other temples in China called, “Tanzhe Temple”, “Lama Temple”, and “ Guanghua Temple” these temples hold a lot of education surrounding Buddhism and what it represents, it is an important place to be visited while in China.

The Eldar (2008) website “Numerous churches, monasteries, convents and shrines show sites connected with the earliest years of Christianity, and the life and ministry of Jesus and his disciples. The design of these constructions was affected as much by the religious traditions of the individual Christian community.” Christianity was instilled in the buildings such as churches, even from the roof to the column of a church. “Plans.—Many Early Christians shadowed the basilican model for their new churches (pp. 198,...
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