The Concept of Gerontology in Father of the Bride Part II

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Senescence Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Father of the Bride: Part II

The movie that I watched was the Father of the Bride: Part II. In the previous movie, the only daughter, Annie, of George and Nina Banks got married to a man named Brian. With the though of losing his daughter George becomes insecure with wedding plans and s a basket case throughout the movie. Part two begins with Annie and her husband Brian who gather together both sides of the parents together to announce that they are going to have a baby. A few weeks later Nina, Annie’s mother is complaining that she feels sick and visits the doctor because she thinks she is going through menopause. Come to find out, one night while George and Nina were fooling around and having fun, she too become pregnant.

George is forced once again to hire Frank and his assistant Howard ( wedding coordinators from movie #1) to throw the mom and daughter a baby shower in addition to adding the “ Baby Suite” to the Banks residence. Annie’s husband is flown out of town for about a week because of work matters, so Annie is left in the care of her parents, being over due about 1 week. On the other hand Nina is approximately 2 weeks from her delivery dare. George makes food runs, give messages, paints their nails, and does anything he can to keep the girls calm and comfortable during their last weeks of pregnancy. The girls end up having their babies on the same night and George couldn't have been a more proud parent and grandparent.

In this movie, a few concepts about gerontology can be identified. Gerontology, as we know is the study of the elderly along with the study of the aging process. One aspect of this is seen in the film is the sociocultural aspect of time. Sociocultural time is the way society determines the appropriate age of our events and appropriate age related behavior. Towards the beginning of the movie, viewers find out that Nina , who is in her fifties, is having a baby. This is definitely not in accordance with America’s socio-culture...
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