The Consolidated Life Case Analysis

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The Consolidated Life Case Analysis


This case is about Mike, a fresh graduate that entered a large insurance company. Given that he is inexperienced, he still exceled in his job and was promoted immediately. Apparently, he has been offered the same position at a different firm and accepted it. After some time, his past employer asked him to come back. He came back to the company and found out that there was a new VP. The new VP’s leadership style has changed the organization; it was a totally different shift of handling that transformed a loose to a strict environment. This had a great impact on the organizations processes and cultures which gave Mike a hard time coping up. Given this emerging situation, Mike came up with ways on how to innovate and give life to the environment or somehow bring back the old culture of the organization however his attention was called by the administration. Devastated by this, he was no longer motivated to work and left the company. He then decided to start his own financial management firm and succeeded.

Statement of the Problem:

What is the impact of a leadership style on organizational culture and employee attitudes?


Know the different leadership styles used in organizations. •Know the best leadership style that would help the organization gain competitive advantage. •Know how leaders develop its people effectively for them to outline on their capability and meet clear objectives. •Know the importance of proper communication in organizations •Know the ways on how to resolve direct conflict of controlling leaders with high performing but resistant subordinate.

Areas to consider:

Leadership style of Rick Belkner (V.P), Jack Greenly (Senior V.P) and Mike Wilson (Supervisor) •The power of leaders in shaping company culture on work units •Values in the workplace
Chain of command
Communication with the management
Mike’s strategies in dealing with the corporate...
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