The Cultural Web

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The cultural web

We have decided to use the cultural web in order to look at the organizational culture as it is now and secondly look at how we want the culture to be in the future. Thirdly we will evaluate and identify the differences between the two; these differences are the changes we need to make in order to achieve the high-performance culture that we want to obtain. The cultural web identifies six interrelated elements that paints the bigger picture of the company of analysis. The six elements are the following: 1. Stories

After having conducted qualitative interviews with both customers and employees at A.G. Barr there are a few points to be made regarding the reputation and beliefs of the company. 1.1 “We like things the way they are”

First of all each and every of the interviewed employees agreed that they were part of a family-styled organization, however only few customers were aware they were buying products from a family-owned company. Secondly, when the employees were asked about their desires for the future of the company, 90% of the employees stated that they are happy with the way things currently are and do not show great support towards potential changes at the firm; customers on the other hand mainly stated that companies should always invest in differentiation in such a competitive environment.

2. Rituals and Routines
The rituals and routines at A.G. Barr are regular as employees are working on normal time-schedules. The only extra activity they have organized is an annual picnic with the whole firm. 3. Symbols

The visual representation of the company is also not as different from most companies as they operate in a normal-sized, clean office space. People can dress up according to their status; workers in their workers’ outfit and managers in suit and tie. 4. Organizational Structure

The structure at A.G. Barr is an informal and at the same time hierarchical structure; especially the hierarchical difference between...
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