The Differences of Christianity and Buddhism

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Christianity Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Religion is the oldest way to keep the people together and to believe in a person. The religions Buddhism and Christianity arose from the faith in one person, or monotheism. The collapsing of the civilizations brought many hardships giving new religions, Buddhism and Christianity, a time for uprising. They rose similar by Christianity and Buddhism teaching equality of the people. Also, they similarly formed and were taught by followers. They differed in what path they needed to follow to be a part of the religion.

Both religions came during the early classical period in 500 BCE . This time period is significant because it shows the beginning of a great time era in the advanced ruling of civilizations and use of religions. In trying to unify the people, the religions peaked to give people the similar idea of hope in an afterlife because the collapsing of empires gave great struggle and hardship. The most appealing characteristic was the religions giving a hopeful view of where you go when you die. In Christianity, you became hopeful by forgiveness of all your sin, which gave you a straight ride to heaven to be with God. In Buddhism, the goal was to reach enlightenment, bringing a person to Nirvana or Mandate of Heaven. Buddhism attracted the people suppressed by the caste system in Hinduism because it still had the similar Hindu belief of Nirvana.

Similarly, the followers were taught through scripts and were most powerful after the conversion of a powerful political leader. The Emperor Constantine by the 4th Century had converted to Christianity, making it popular throughout the Roman Empire . Even after this empire decline, Christianity remained a dominant religion. Ashoka, the third greatest ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty had converted to Buddhism and emphasized all the teachings to help the spread. These examples of conversion through the leaders shows that the people are loyal to their country and wish to believe in their leader to make the...
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