The Financial Woes of Saxonville Sausage

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Saxonville Sausage Case Study
Saxonville Sausage has been faced with the task of attempting to counteract their financial woes in the sausage market. While they have a star product, Vivio, it only represents % of their income and is only available in select cities in the northeastern portion of the United States. Saxonville and now trying to figure out how to expand their product throughout the rest of the country and make sure that it is differentiated from other sausage brands out there and that it will catch on and be an instant hit with consumers. In order to do this it must be positioned properly, and also incorporate activities within the community and inside the store to make sure that the product is perceived in the way that Saxonville wants it to be. Lastly, they must also choose a brand name that represents the idea of being fresh and locally made, but it also strong enough to portray an Italian home-like feeling.

In my opinion Saxonville should elect the “Family Connection” route for its position. This is the best option in my opinion simply because of the results that it yielded from the focus group. This concept proved the highest combined ratings in purchase intentions, and also was more mother’s first choice vote when analyzing all of the concepts at hand. Although the concept does bring in a question of originality I believe the simplicity of the concept will ultimately lead to the hearts of the most mothers. Also the fact that another sausage company could also adopt the same concept is not necessarily the largest threat because if Saxonville communicates this first and effectively, the market will respond and allow them to increase the sales that they are looking for.

Saxonville has conducted a lot of marketing research, and within that research they found that mothers are often overwhelmed with the duties of being an everyday homemaker and mommy to the children but don’t want their performance in the kitchen to reflect that. This is a great opportunity for Saxonville to create new products that would help make a mother’s job in the kitchen a lot easier, fun for the kids, and will provide mother with the gratitude of knowing that her job in the kitchen that day has been fulfilled by using Saxonville sausage products. I believe that from the R&D that was provided from the marketing research the top three choices are the best ideas. Kid friendly-shaped pre-cut sausages are a great way to connect to the kids hearts, and once they have them and like them once they will remember them and request them from mom in the future. The different flavor varieties will allow Saxonville to step out of the lane of being typically and just providing one type of sausage and will allow them to further satisfy their shoppers and consumers by tailoring more options toward each dish that is being created. The fresh herb inserts is also a good idea because it will mothers a chance to see that the sausage is fresh and create a positive image of the products in her mind. I would not recommend that Saxonville carry out any R&D projects that involve created frozen foods or precooked sausages because that is not in-line with the health conscious and fresh seeking mothers that will be shopping in the grocery stores and supermarkets.

Saxonville understands that they have not “spent the money to compete with the big players.” In order to create more sales and increase market share they have to have a strong sales force that is going to allow them to be in more distribution spaces. The sell-in team needs to have a strong understanding of the product and be able to explain the new concept and the new direction that Saxonville has chosen to go in. By doing this, they will be able to partner with other private-label brands within the store and ultimately get sales managers excited and want to carry more of the products while also creating more deals within the stores the shoppers. The sell-in team needs to also...
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