The Forgotten Group Member - Case Study

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The Forgotten Group Member
Case Study

The case of the Forgotten Group Member is an excellent example of the complexities and interpersonal dynamics involved in working in a group environment. The text indicates that there are five stages to the team development process; adjourning, forming, storming, performing, and norming. (Schermerhorn 166)

To summarize briefly, the case study involved a group of students in an Organization Behavior class assigned to analyze a seven-page situation and provide a written analysis of their findings and conclusions. There were five members selected from the class for each group. In this group, the case study focused on two primary characters, Christine, who was a dedicated and hard-working student who strived to master her subjects and advance her educational credentials. Because of her tenacity and determination, she was elected “team Coordinator”. The second primary character involved in this case study was Mike who’s casual attitude towards his education is completely opposite of Christine’s.

As you can imagine, the group progressed through the five stages outlined in the group development process. As each group member was assigned an area of responsibility, it became apparent that Mike was not taking this assignment seriously and unconsciously alluded to his intentions to undermine the assignment by making inappropriate jokes and not committing to the meeting schedule Christine had suggested.

In my judgment, the Case Study focused primarily on the Storming stage of the group development process. The text indicates the Storming Stage involves “a period of high emotionality and tension among the group members. “(Schermerhorn 166) As mentioned previously, it was apparent from the beginning of the assignment that Mike was being disruptive and counterproductive to the process when he refused to commit to making the assignment a priority and adhere to the meeting times established by the group opting instead to...
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